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Are You Ready?

I offer you the chance to manifest and bring about positive change and healing. I am here to help facilitate what you need to achieve your desires. If you're ready to take that next step, contact me. I offer a 15-minute consultation where we can talk about your needs and devise the best way to help you move forward. Packages are based on blocks of time; and are billed at an hourly rate.

See below for the many services I offer. If you have questions, let's talk.

Garden path

Intentional Feng Shui

For those new to Feng Shui this is a nice beginning to the practice. It involves coordinating with the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) and bagua of the home and land.

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Hanging white crystal

Classical Feng Shui

A more deeper and powerful practice, this type not only addresses the occupants of a home or property; but also the energies of the home and land itself.

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Basket of crystals

Land Healing

The land, just like our bodies and homes hold energy. We thrive when we feel nurtured, supported, and protected. Our land needs that as well. Through this practice I can offer support by; giving reverence to the land and the ancestors that were there before us, as well as alleviating the stress it's experiencing.

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Rose quartz crystal

House Clearing

A great way to create a feeling of openness and to dissipate unfavorable energies in our home.

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Blue crystal


The ceremony is considered a very sacred and powerful ritual. It has been a practice for centuries and in nearly all cultures. In this practice a group will circle together to honor, celebrate, create intentions, and release the past.

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