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About Mary

I have always felt connected to the energy and purpose within.

I am a Chicago native and as a young child, I grew up in the rural area of Illinois.  I had acres of land to roam and was always acutely aware of the energy of the land and all the nature that grew upon it.  It was my playground and solace.  I also was aware of the energy inside of our home and always put altars throughout. It was a way I felt connected to the earth and the higher energies that embody it. I learned early on that I was an empath and could see and feel things that sometimes others couldn't.  At that time I didn't know bigger things waiting for me...

I moved to the Bay Area January of 1999 ready for a new adventure. I started my fitness career as a runner and triathlete. I completed many running events with successful finishes in the Santa Clarita Marathon, the Rome Marathon, and the New York City Marathon. I was a tri-athlete for over a decade, and completed close to 30 events including Escape from Alcatraz, the Half Vineman, and the Half Wildflower. I studied dance throughout most of my life, and earned a scholarship to Joel Hall School of Dance in Chicago Illinois in 1995. I received my certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2000.

In 2007 I received my Pre/Post Natal Specialist certification from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). At that time, I became interested in working with the pre-/post-natal population. I completed a 6-week doula training program at Natural Resources in San Francisco, a 2-day postpartum doula training workshop, as well as a 3-month midwifery intensive course, "Heart and Hands," with Elizabeth Davis.  For 7 years I worked with women supporting them through the births of their children. 

Mary kneeling at altar

I was introduced to Feng Shui by a friend who did the work and helped me to open up my own business, Body By Mary. That is when my journey into Feng Shui began.  It helped put into perspective all the things I felt in my youth. I learned of the bagua and how to balance the energies of my environment. I moved a lot during the next 15 years so I had a lot of time to practice!  I learned how intention of what I desired was important, and how I could create balance in different areas of my life. I learned how to do this in simple ways: crystals, furniture placement, art, colors; as well as more. Most importantly I learned how I was able to manifest what I wanted.

in 2017 I became a certified Feng Shui expert through the International FS School. In 2018 I became a certified Geomancer and Land Healer. To deepen my work, and to have more tools for my clients, I went through the Priestess awaking journey.  I became an ordained High Priestess in 2023.  Doing my training I learned how to support people on a deeper level, and how to heal from a soul level. The deep understanding of our inner cycles, and learning to live in harmony with the rhymes of nature.  At this point, I knew I was back to my true essence and nature being my solace. Knowing this is my soul's purpose, I can help others in this way.  In my work as a priestess I lead circles, initiations, and rites of passage.  Some of these ceremonies are:  Birthing, rebirthing, various blessing ceremonies, and passages of time as we step into new time periods of life. 

My work is expanding as well as my consciences as that is what my life journey is about. I am often visit sacred sites around the world to work with the land and also, anchor light codes. I sit with the wells; connect with the water, deserts, lands, and mountains.   

I am constantly reminded of the beauty in lightwork-the fact we are always expanding, learning, and growing as soul beings.